About Me



David provides coaching, strategic planning, facilitating, workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking.  He is noted for his ability to combine leadership training with practical insight and experiential learning that inspires transformation and produces results.

He is a lifelong entrepreneur, successfully leading multiple organizations.  His career has spanned several different industries, including construction, manufacturing, and services, giving him a unique perspective of businesses of many types and sizes.  David has successfully served as CEO and other senior management positions, always being recognized for his deep understanding of each organization and the people who make it run. 

In a career spanning over 40 years in business, David has extensive experience in incorporating the organization and the individual, always recognizing people as the most important component of any successful organization.  David holds a degree from the University of Illinois, and he is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker.  He has spoken internationally for the past 20 years on topics ranging from strategic planning to personal development.  In addition, he serves as the CEO of his own professional business coaching and consulting company, David A. Anderson Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

David serves as a visionary leader, critical thinker and team builder noted for his engaging personality and deep commitment to the welfare of others.  Coupled with his vast business acumen, he is a valuable asset to any interested in “upping their game.”  When working with an organization, he has a strong track record of laying the groundwork for business growth and vitality.  When working with individual leaders, he supports them to find their excellence within, leading to measurable growth and profitability.  He helps individuals and organizations to become more than they thought possible.

David and his wife have a passion for serving their family and their community.  He is an avid cyclist, musician, and weight trainer, and enjoys travel and the outdoors.  He is a dynamic leader who truly enjoys influencing every individual with whom he comes in contact.  He loves to work with others, impacting positive change and growth, and inspiring leaders in future generations.

"I love the awesome experience of inspiring others to become true leaders of their organizations, communities, families and themselves.  True, authentic leadership throughout one’s life is the foundation needed to direct people to real, long-lasting success and significance.”



My Approach

I bring a holistic approach to coaching, by truly appreciating the importance of all the people involved in making an executive and the organization successful.  I believe that the heart of coaching involves awareness and responsibility.  I also believe in the power of people and practice coaching that delivers a high-performance individual along with an organization that reaches well beyond the traditional norms of the day.


Why Work with Me?

As a long-term CEO, I bring things to the table that others simply don't.  I understand what executives go through every day and what tends to keep them up at night.  I appreciate the value of leadership and culture in today's business environment while recognizing the importance of strong growth and profits.  Most of my clients achieve high rates of growth along with parallel profits.

I am a John Maxwell Certified Coach, a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, and a Certified DiSC Trainer.